Ray of Hope works to provide community awareness and training programs throughout the year.

QPR Training

The Ray of Hope Task Force offers QPR training. QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) is a program modeled after the success of the CPR medical intervention. It was developed by Dr. Paul Quinnett, President and CEO of the QPR Institute, an educational organization dedicated to preventing suicide.

QPR is known as gatekeeper training and has been identified as one of a number of promising prevention strategies. According to the Surgeon General’s National Strategy for Suicide Prevention, “key gatekeepers” are “people who regularly come into contact with individuals or families in distress.”

QPR Training Sessions are one hour in length and cover the following important concepts.

  • Those who need help most in a suicidal crisis are the least likely to ask for it
  • The person most likely to prevent a suicide is someone the person in crisis already knows
  • Before attempting suicide, the person in crisis often gives warning signs of distress and suicidal intent to those nearby
  • People in crisis consider suicide as a solution to their problems. When we solve those problems, the reasons for suicide disappear

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Speakers Available

Ray of Hope has prepared a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation about suicide risk and protective factors, intervention strategies, and resources.

Ray of Hope makes speakers and presentations available to local schools, churches, medical and service providers, and community groups.

For more information, please contact Ray of Hope.


Your community cares. There are a variety of resources available both on the local level and nationally. You can learn more by visiting our Resources page.

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