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2019 Poster/Video Contest

2019 Poster/Video Contest Ray of Hope Winners

All of our First Place Poster/Video Contest Winners Dalton Bogac, Tessa Voss, Julia Bryner,
Sidnie Gmuer and Cameron Kaminski at the Awards Reception held at
Westmoreland Casemanagement and Supports.

The winning video, created by Sidnie Gmuer and Cameron Kaminski of Greater Latrobe High School, was shared over 8500 times on Facebook. View on our YouTube channel.

In an effort to raise awareness and educate about signs, symptoms, and help-seeking, Ray of Hope sponsored a poster and video contest for Westmoreland County Middle and High Schools. Non-public schools and homeschoolers were welcome to enter as well. Winners were announced and prizes awarded at an awards reception held in April 11th. A calendar was created using the winning posters as well as other entries.

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2019-Annual Suicide Awareness & Prevention Walk

Annual Suicide Awareness & Prevention Walk

Ray of hope conferenceRegistration is open! A printable walk registration form can be found here.

Our 13th Annual Ray of Hope Suicide Awareness & Prevention Walk, themed A Promise of Hope, will be held on September 7th, 2019 at Twin Lakes Park. Our walk is held to increase awareness of suicide as a national public health problem and to prevent future suicides through community education and outreach. All proceeds from this annual event go towards the Westmoreland County Suicide Awareness and Prevention Task Force to provide educational programming, purchase materials, and support Mental Health America's Survivors Ray of Hope ConferenceGroup, LOSS.

We are seeking sponsors and raffle prizes. If you would like to be a corporate sponsor, a memorial sponsor, or donate a gift card or basket to support our mission, a printable sponsor/donor form is here.

2019 Ray of Hope Conference

On Friday, November 22nd, 2019, our biennial conference will be held at Westmoreland County Community College. The conference is held the day before International Survivors of Suicide Day, always just prior to Thanksgiving, because the holidays can be especially painful for loss survivors. Watch for more developments to come.

2019 Exhibitor Reservation Form

If You are in Crisis or Know Someone who is...

Need Help?  Call the Crisis Intervention Hotline at 1-800-836-6010.  Help is available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.  You'll be connected with a trained counselor ready to assist you with issues of suicide, depression, and personal crisis.  Call 1-800-836-6010 now!  

Ray of Hope Suicide Awareness and Prevention Task Force

Ray of Hope is Westmoreland County's Suicide Awareness and Prevention Task Force.  We believe suicide is preventable and that suicide prevention works. 

Ray of Hope offers: 

 Learn about our mission and more on the About Ray of Hope page.

Suicide Survivors Support  

If you have lost someone to suicide, the support of your community and of other survivors is available for you. Anger, guilt, confusion, and forgetfulness are common responses to the loss of a loved one, and suicide can add its own unfortunate stigma.  Don't mourn alone; get the help you need to cope.

 Visit our Survivors Support page to learn more.      


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